Three the most important challenges!

We stand for the growth of Tartu so there would 100,000 inhabitants in our town. To do this, we need to ensure a family-friendly environment for raising children and fight for major investments to make people want to live here. We want to give Tartu three big and right moves to boost development!

Family-oriented city!

Tartu must grow into a city with more than 100,000 inhabitants to ensure its viability. We must ensure that families have a secure livelihood and the best environment for raising children.

Greater-Tartu is the engine of development!

Throughout the ages, Tartu has played a key role in the development of the region. Today, Tartu must be vigorously brought to the world map. Being a resident of Tartu must give a clear advantage!

New Possibilites with Green Deal

Tartu's goal is to become a climate-neutral city by 2050. A systematic approach, smart solutions are needed to achieve this goal. The city must set an example for everyone.